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Money Makeover Kit

April 2018 - March 2019

They've seen their 'before'. Help them see what their 'after' could look like.

Jumpstart a prospect's Money Makeover transformation with a video overview of the 6 Steps to Financial Independence and the Money Makeover tips for each step. In less than 90 seconds, get them excited about the easy-to-use ideas and concepts that can change their future.

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Ready to help your prospects and clients with a “makeover” for their finances?
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While you're helping others make over their financial situations, you can 'make over' your social media feed. Use the 13 Money Makeover tips on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to remind contacts that small, thoughtful actions can lead to big results.

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Adding $10 Pays Off
Meet The Rule of 72
Rollout Debt Roll-UP
Build An Emergency Fund
Join The Gig Economy
Rock Your Finances With A Budget
Protect The Ones You Love
Get It Right
Trending Now: Life Insurance
Term or Perm, Find Your Fit
The Wealth Formula
Use Time Like A Boss
Keep Calm, Get A Will
Social Media Messages

Use the "Click to Tweet" button to automatically post these pre-written messages on your Twitter account.

Step 1: Debt Management

Eat out less
Interest rates work against you
Pay down debt

Step 2: Emergency Fund

Have financial flexibility

Step 3: Cash Flow

Join the gig economy
Create a budget

Step 4: Proper Protection

Protect the ones you love
Determine your insurance needs
Millennials should purchase life insurance
The difference between term and perm

Step 5: Build Wealth

Keep the wealth formula in mind
The sooner you save the better

Step 6: Estate Preservation

Do not die without a will
Messages for Email

How do you make significant, lasting change? One step at a time. Send our tips for the 6 Steps to Financial Independence to your contacts with this brand-new Money Makeover Email Greeting series.

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Debt Management
Emergency Fund
Cash Flow
Proper Protection
Build Wealth
Estate Preservation
Presentation Slides

Use this presentation to kickstart your prospect’s transformation. With an in-depth overview of the 6 Steps to Financial Independence, they have the potential to create a “new them.”

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