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Millennials Marketing Kit

January 2018 - December 2018

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

With this video, it just got a lot easier to tell Millennials that they might as well quit. Quit looking for a better job, that is. Full of stats about the fierce challenges they face and how they are changing the rules in business – and in life – this video is the driving force behind our Millennial outreach. Show it to a Millennial today to jumpstart a conversation about their opportunities with WealthWave.

Social Media Images

88% of Americans under 30 use social media. Use these graphics on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts to catch their eye with stats they can’t ignore.

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Millennials - Largest Generation
Millennials - Student Loan Debt
Millennials - High Unemployment
Millennials - Lower Pay
Millennials - Priorities
Messages for Email/Text

Millennials are struggling to define their future within uncertain economic realities. Use these Email Greetings to give them another option – and a reminder of how powerful their presence is becoming in business.

Launch Campaign Manager
Your Dreams Can Start Here
$335 Billion Sharing Economy
You And Your Parents At 30
We Heard You
Define Your Own Future
Debt, Unemployment, Lower Pay
Feeling Underestimated?
You Might As Well Quit